• Doner kabab
  • Falafel side
  • Meat lasagna

Bistro M

About us

Guests looking for a truly unique dining experience won't be disappointed. Our meals pack all the flavors of the Mediterranean into every recipe, and all the ingredients are sourced locally, making each dish healthier than what you might find at other restaurants. Guests with vegetarian or vegan preferences can rest assured, as we have plenty of delicious offerings to guarantee they never have to compromise on taste.

At Bistro M, we don't just make meals; we make memories. Our guests are sure to have a memorable experience tasting our homemade creations. Come visit today or place your order through this website and experience the unique Mediterranean flavors of Bistro M!
Our menu includes a wide array of freshly prepared items such as doner kebab, pita pie, paninis, and focaccias. Our sandwiches are made with fresh-baked artisan bread, thinly sliced meats, cheeses, vegetables, and flavorful sauces. Furthermore, we also provide a variety of flavorful sides like hummus, Greek salads, and other authentic Mediterranean sweets made from scratch.

All of our ingredients are fresh and free from preservatives, making them healthier than the processed options available at other restaurants. High in fiber, vitamins, and essential minerals, our meals make a great choice for those looking for a nutritious meal. Moreover, we cater to a diverse set of diets by offering vegetarian and vegan options, allowing guests to enjoy a delicious meal without sacrificing their dietary preferences.
With the combination of high-quality ingredients and authentic flavors, we ensure our guests experience our family's passion for food and culture. Whether you are looking for a quick snack or a full meal, our menu has something for everyone before and after 11 a.m. Enjoy a truly unique Mediterranean experience and visit us or order today!